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The Mower County Shopper

The Mower County Shopper began in 1964, when an Austin resident and local merchants believed that Austin’s trade area should be enlarged to enhance the continued growth of the town. The circulation of 5,000 copies were mailed to rural areas of South Central Minnesota and North Central Iowa.

With advertisers reporting immediate results, the Mower County Shopper quickly grew, and in addition, began inserting preprints. Within six months the circulation grew to 17,000 copies distributed each week.

In August of 1978, the Mower County Shopper merged with Shopper Enterprises, Incorporated, to become an intricate part of the SEI Network. Since 1974, the Mower County Shopper has undergone many changes but one thing never changes. The circulation has stayed strong over all these years, currently reaching over 15,000 homes.

In September of 1995, the Mower County Shopper along with the Freeborn County Shopper was bought by Boone Newspapers, Inc. And now the Mower County Shopper is in the process of growing again!  Digital advertising has been added to the advertising arsenal.  Whether you need a new website or would like targeted digital ads, the Shopper can help.